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Current Product Partners
and Available Partnership Opportunities

Through in-licensing relationships, research collaborations and strategic alliances that complement and extend the Staccato® technology, Alexza is interested in developing partnerships that have the potential to create superior products and improve patients’ lives.

ADASUVE® Commercial Territories

ADASUVE® (AZ-004) – Staccato Loxapine
Ferrer has commercial rights in Europe, Latin America, Russia, the CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa countries, Korea, Philippines, and Thailand.
Available for licensing in all other territories

Active Development Programs

AZ-002 – Staccato alprazolam for management of acute repetitive seizures
AZ-003 – Staccato fentanyl for cancer breakthrough pain
AZ-007 – Staccato zaleplon for middle of the night awakening
Available for licensing in all territories

To discuss partnership and licensing opportunities, please contact our Business Development Group.

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