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Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
2013 Feb;53(2):140-50
The Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Zaleplon Delivered as a Thermally Generated Aerosol in a Single Breath to Volunteers
Avram MJ, Spyker DA, Kehne JH, and Cassella JV

Anesthesia and Analgesia
2012 Nov;115(5):1071-7
Inhaled Fentanyl Aerosol in Healthy Volunteers: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
MacLeod DB,  Habib AS, Keita Ikeda K, Spyker DA,  Cassella JV, Ho KY, and Gan TJ

Drug Metabolism Letters
2012 Mar;6(1):26-32
Loxapine P-glycoprotein Interactions In Vitro
Reed AR, Huie K, Perloff ES, Cassella, JV, and Takahashi LH

Future of Medicinal Chemistry
2011 Oct;3(13):1719-33
Consistency of Dosing with a Thermal Aerosol Generation System: In Vitro and In Vivo Correlation
Myers DJ, Spyker DA, Dinh KV, Quintana RJ, Biondi SA, and Cassella JV

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2011 Apr;100(4):1407-15
An Investigation into the Morphology of Loxapine in a Thermal
Aerosolization Process from Crystalline to Amorphous
Gao Q, Lew A, Takahashi LH, and  Cassella JV

Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery
2011 Feb;24(1):11-5
Assessing the Temperature of Thermally Generated Inhalation Aerosols
Noymer PD, Myers DJ, Cassella JV, and Timmons R

International Journal of Pharmaceutics
2011 Jan 17;403(1-2):101-8
In Vitro Aerosol Characterization of Staccato Loxapine
Dinh KV, Myers DJ, Glazer M, Shmidt T, Devereaux C, Simis K, Noymer PD, He M, Choosakul C, Chen Q, and Cassella JV

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2010
2010, Volume 1, 11-20
The Staccato System: Inhaler Design Characteristics for Rapid Treatment of CNS Disorders
Noymer P, Myers D, Glazer M, Fishman R, and Cassella J

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
2010 Nov 2;53(3):325-34
Forced Degradation of Fentanyl: Identification and Analysis of Impurities and Degradants
Garg A, Solas DW, Takahashi LH, and Cassella JV

Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery
2010 Aug;23(4):253-60
In Vitro Aerosol Deposition in the Oropharyngeal Region for Staccato Loxapine
Dinh KV, Myers DJ,  Noymer PD, and Cassella JV

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
2009 Jan;85(1):71-7
The Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of Prochlorperazine Delivered as a Thermally Generated Aerosol in a Single Breath to Volunteers
Avram MJ, Spyker DA, Henthorn TK and Cassella JV

Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy
2008 Sep;34(9):936-42
Nicotine Aerosol Generation from Thermally Reversible Zinc Halide Complexes Using the Staccato System
Simis K, Lei M, Lu AT, Sharma KCV, Hale RL, Timmons RD, and Cassella JV

Drug Metabolism and Disposition
2007 Feb;35(2):262-7
Recirculatory Pharmacokinetic Model of the Uptake, Distribution,
and Bioavailability of Prochlorperazine Administered as a Thermally Generated Aerosol in a Single Breath to Dogs
Avram MJ, Henthorn TK, Spyker DA, Krejcie TC, Lloyd PM, Cassella JV, and Rabinowitz JD

Pharmaceutical Research
2007 Feb;24(2):336-42
The effect of Film Thickness on Thermal Aerosol Generation
Myers DJ, Timmons RD, Lu AT, Hale RL, Solas DW, Soni P, and Rabinowitz JD

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2006 Nov;95(11):2438-51
Ultra-fast Absorption of Amorphous Pure Drug Aerosols via Deep Lung Inhalation
Rabinowitz JD, Lloyd PM, Munzar P, Myers DJ, Cross S, Damani R, Quintana R, Spyker DA, Soni P, Cassella JV

Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
2004 May;309(2):769-75
Fast Onset Medications through Thermally Generated Aerosols
Rabinowitz JD, Wensley M, Lloyd P, Myers D, Shen W, Lu A, Hodges C, Hale R, Mufson D, and Zaffaroni A

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